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Dental Health Tips From a Children’s Dentist

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Like a pediatrician, a children's dentist should play a major part in your child’s health care. If you do not take your son or daughter to the dentist’s office regularly, issues such as tooth decay or gum disease could result. Without proper intervention, these problems could lead to even more serious concerns. The dentist can help you avoid these conditions.

An overview of a typical appointment

A wellness checkup with a children’s dentist includes several vital components. A hygienist and other staff members will assist the dentist in a variety of procedures and tasks. There will be a series of X-rays to help give a better look at the child’s teeth. The hygienist will then clean the child’s teeth, removing plaque and other buildup. The hygienist may also floss the child’s teeth and polish them. The dentist does an in-depth hands-on examination and shares any wellness tips with the parents.

Brush, brush, brush

Proper brushing habits should start before a child even has teeth. Parents should take a soft-bristled brush without toothpaste and gently massage their baby’s gums. Once teeth emerge, mom or dad can use a tiny amount of toothpaste and clean the teeth. From this point onward, brushing should occur at least twice a day. Parents should help kids until the child can brush by themselves. Make sure to use a fluoride-based toothpaste, as this reduces the risk of developing cavities.

Do not neglect flossing

At a wellness checkup, the children’s dentist or hygienist will usually ask how often the child flosses. This can be an embarrassing situation for parents and kids, as the answer is often something along the lines of “rarely” or “not enough.” Flossing removes bacteria from teeth and keeps gums healthy and strong. This activity can prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bone loss. Flossing should occur once a day.

Limit sugar intake

It is not uncommon for a children’s dentist to treat cavities. Children’s eating habits are a big culprit. Diets high in sugar can increase the risk of tooth decay, as it can eat away at the tooth’s enamel. Parents should cut back on the amount of candy and snacks a child eats. Sugary beverages, such as fruit juice and soda, can also cause problems with teeth.

Come to the children’s dentist often

There is no reason to be nervous about visiting the dentist’s office. Parents should teach children that this professional is looking out for their well-being. By making and keeping semiannual wellness appointments, parents set good habits for kids. The dentist can diagnose and treat conditions before they accelerate. These visits also allow for educational moments.

Worth the effort

Once a child starts brushing and flossing each day, it becomes a part of a regular routine. You may not avoid every possible oral health issue, but these habits increase the likelihood that your son or daughter will enjoy good dental wellness throughout life. Follow these tips, and you and your child will have peace of mind. Make an appointment with a children’s dentist near you today.

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