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Front Broken Tooth: Restoration Options

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If you have a broken tooth in the front of your mouth, you have a few options for restoration. That way, you will be able to smile and feel great about the way you look. Once you know the options, you can make a better decision. Keep reading to learn more about the possibilities.

Dental fillings

A typical restoration includes fillings, and it is helpful if there is a large cavity. The patient might need a filling if the tooth has some decay in it. The dentist might choose from one of several types of fillings. It could include porcelain or gold fillings. For extensive decay, the patient could have an onlay or an inlay.

Bonding for the tooth

Bonding might not be as expected, but for a minor broken tooth, it could be helpful. It involves using resin, similar to that used for filling cavities. It can result in smaller cosmetic changes. It can help correct teeth with irregular shapes, and it reduces small fractures in the area. The treatment only takes an hour or so to do. That means the patient only has to have one appointment.

The cost is one of the advantages of the procedure since it is not that expensive. The treatment time is relatively fast as well since the patient only needs to have one office visit. Plus, the appointment time is only an hour-long or so. The results are instant, so the patient does not need to go back for another visit later on. The patient can show a smile immediately and not require any downtime.

Of course, bonding might not resist stains that well. The material might become stained if the patient has red wine or coffee. Plus, the results might not last as long as with other options. The patient might need to get another restoration in a few years. The material is sturdy, but the patient will still need to be careful.

Getting a dental crown

One option for a broken tooth with more severe damage is a dental crown. These can prevent decay from spreading around. The decline could result in the tooth weakening beyond repair. However, the crown can repair the broken tooth, making it stronger. The crown stops the tooth from breaking completely.

If the tooth has completely broken, it might not be useful, and it will cause pain. The teeth need to last the patient’s lifetime, so saving the teeth is better than extracting them. The dentist can do so using a restoration. The crown can last for three decades or longer with the right care.

Get broken tooth treatments today

If you have a broken tooth, you might need one of the many restorations available. Crowns and bonding are just two of the options. If you want to know more about them, you can talk to the dentist. Waiting too long to get a restoration will result in difficulty in treating the issue. Instead, you might consider making an appointment today to learn more about the options.

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