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Severe Toothache Over the Weekend: Common Dental Emergencies

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A severe toothache is one of the many oral problems that are classified as dental emergencies, along with issues such as infections and knocked-out teeth. Severe tooth pain often leaves a person unable to focus on any tasks they are working on, and it can make it impossible to get any rest at night.

Dealing with severe toothaches and other dental emergencies

Many issues that are classified as dental emergencies are often accompanied by tooth pain. Fixing the issue will typically bring an end to the pain. Of course, getting the treatment one needs might not be so easy, especially if the dental emergency occurs over the weekend. Depending on the area, the patient may have to wait until the next business day before getting the treatment needed.

If weekend dental care is difficult to find, here are some ways to manage severe pain caused by toothaches:

1. Saltwater rinse

Here is an easy way to alleviate tooth pain using salt, which is available in most homes. Patients are advised to mix half a teaspoon of salt with about eight ounces of warm water. This solution should be swished around the mouth for about 30 seconds before being spat out. This helps to remove irritants from the mouth and also provides pain relief. The process can be repeated as many times as needed.

2. Clove oil

Clove oil may be as effective as using an over-the-counter anesthetic for tooth pain. The solution should be rubbed into the affected tooth and the surrounding area. It may provide temporary relief from severe toothaches. Avoid getting the oil on the soft tissues inside the mouth since that can lead to a burning sensation.

3. Over-the-counter painkillers

There are a variety of OTC pain killers that can be used to manage severe toothaches. Products that contain acetaminophen have pain-relieving properties and they can be safe for young children. NSAIDs have anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting properties but should usually be reserved for those over the age of two.

4. Over-the-counter anesthetics

Many of these contain the topical anesthetic benzocaine, which is often used by dentists. It provides temporary relief from toothaches and can be purchased at most grocery stores and drug stores. Dentists recommend not using these OTC anesthetics for more than 10 days without talking to a dentist.

5. Cold compress

A cold compress can help to reduce the inflammation that comes with a toothache. Making one is extremely easy. It only requires a few cubes of ice in a freezer bag. The bag should be covered with a clean cloth or towel before being applied directly to the face.

Apply the compress to the side of the face the pain is coming from. It should be pressed against the area for about 15 minutes, then a break should be taken.

Suffering from a toothache?

Some dental emergencies should not wait. If you are experiencing extreme pain, visit an emergency dentistry and bring an end to that agonizing toothache.

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