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When Implant Supported Dentures Are a Recommended Option

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Implant supported dentures are an oral prosthesis supported and held in place by at least four implants in the jawbone. Unlike traditional dentures, this type does not rub against the gums or need to be removed for daily cleaning. Dentures like these can be a good option for replacing natural teeth. Here are some cases where a dentist would recommend implant supported dentures.

When an implant will most likely be successful

Although this type of denture is a popular option for many patients, there are some cases where a prosthesis like this is more likely to succeed. 

When the sinuses are properly located

Because the sinuses are located right above the upper teeth, some people should not get implants because they would put too much pressure on the sinus cavity. Implants are usually recommended in cases where the nerves in the upper jawbone are not too close together and the sinus cavity is sufficiently high enough above the jawbone. 

When there is enough bone in the jaw

A jawbone with missing teeth deteriorates from lack of stimulation. This condition can become especially severe when multiple teeth are gone. In order to properly support a dental implant, the jawbone must be strong enough. In some cases, a bone graft can be done to reinforce the bone and allow for implants to be supported. The good news is an implant can help stimulate the jawbone like a natural tooth root, helping prevent further bone loss.  

When there are no existing medical conditions to pose complications

Preexisting medical conditions such as anemia, high blood pressure, asthma or diabetes can make attempting an implant much riskier. These and other conditions can prevent the implant from healing properly or make the process of multiple surgeries too dangerous. Patients in good health are more likely to have successful implants. 

When there is sufficient time to complete the procedure

Getting implant supported dentures requires a minimum of five months for a lower implant and seven months for one in the upper jaw. Because at least two surgeries are usually required to embed the implants and then expose the tops, the process can take longer depending on how long the gums need to heal. If too much bone has been lost, additional bone grafting surgeries may be necessary before the implants can be placed.

Following the first surgery, the bone can take three to five months to attach and fuse to the implants. After the second surgery, it will take an additional two weeks to a month before the gums are fully healed and the denture framework can be secured permanently. 


For many people, implant supported dentures are a good option. They are typically more comfortable than traditional dentures and will not slide around in the mouth or accidentally fall out. Healthy people with normal sinuses and a strong jawbone are good candidates for this type of denture as long as the amount of time it takes to complete the implant process is not an issue. 

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